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Taser C2 Taser X26C

The New Taser C2

The TASER® is a self-defense electronic control device. It has almost 100% effectiveness rating. It combines the injury reducing benefits of traditional stun technology with a quantum leap in stopping power via new Electro- Muscular Disruption (EMD) technology. In police studies, the TASER has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun. The TASER uses a replaceable cartridge, containing compressed nitrogen, to deploy two small probes that are attached to the TASER by insulated conductive wires with a maximum length of 15 feet. 50,000
volts travels over the wires and over-rides the central nervous system providing incredible takedown power. The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing. SAFETY -- The TASER can stop a threat up to 15 feet away, allowing you a safe distance to protect yourself and your family from an attacker. If a close quarter defense is warranted, the TASER doubles as a contact stun device to repel someone as a powerful and unexpected backup capability. TASER cartridges also have a unique serial number and are equipped with an Anti-Felon Identification system, which discharges 20-30 serialized paper tags when deployed. Law enforcement can later retrieve this confetti from the scene and contact TASER International to get the name of the owner of the TASER device, allowing police to track any potential misuse. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE

The TASER® C2TM is Taser’s newest product designed for personal protection. Utilizing the same technology as their proven law enforcement models, the C2 has incredible take down power. 5.5”(L) x 2.10”(W) x 1.25”(H).

Taser C2 BlackTaser C2 BlueTaser C2 PinkTaser C2 RedTaser C2 Silver

Color and Options

The Taser X-26C

Taser X 26

The TASER X26C is light weight and software upgradable. Utilizes a digital power magazine which not only powers the X26C but also remembers energy use and calculates life expectancy of the the magazine. A central information display indicates battery level, a countdown timer during an activation and warranty information. 6”(L) x 3.2”(W) x 1.3”(H)
26009 Includes: 1 X26C, 1 soft holster, 6 cartridges,
digital power magazine, manual, training materials, practice target and carrying case.$999.00

 Accessories for the X26 and C2 Tasers

Taser C2 Hard CaseTaser C2 Neoprene HolsterTaser C2 Holster with 1 GB MP3 Player

We have the hard case, neoprene case, and the 1 GB MP3 Player Case for the Taser C2



Replacement Cartridges

Taser X26 Replacement Cartridges

Reload your X-26C in less than a second
with a replacement cartridge. Comes with
two per package. 34220 $59.95

Taser C2 Replacement CartridgesC2 CARTRIDGES
2 cartridges
37215 $49.99
4 cartridges
37415 $99.99

Number of Cartridges


The C2 Extended Lithium Power Pack

Taser C2 Lithium Power Pack

50 firings
39011 $29.99




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